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Create Solutions.

Contract Manufacturing

Hypex Incorporated
1000 Industrial Blvd.
Southampton, PA 18966

Phone: 215-322-0545

Fax: 215-322-2167


Hypex Contract Manufacturing. Where Skill & Value Create Solutions.

In one corner of the world, a power generating station comes on-line to supply a modern city,in another, parents nervously await their child’s MRI results. Both scenes have two things in common: neither tolerate a ‘margin of error’, and both use the components that understand that: Hypex parts.

We’ve been simplifying the toughest manufacturing solutions for more than three decades. Our quality minded, client driven approach has been the choice of some of the most exacting and regulated industries operating today. From a demanding single part, to a complete assembly, Hypex brings an unparalleled skill set, extraordinary personnel, and a progressive management team to every project, every day.

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